About us

Vet performing n ultrasound on a dog

Tawe Veterinary Group started life over 60 years ago in Culver Terrace. We are one of Swansea’s longest established veterinary practices and have grown and expanded over the decades. We now have two sites, our main site is at Sketty Cross and our large branch site is in Gorseinon. The practice, previously known as Davies and Williams, was acquired by CVS UK Ltd in 2004. Being associated with the hundreds of other veterinary practices within CVS allows us great opportunities to share veterinary knowledge and ideas with colleagues throughout the UK

We focus our veterinary care on companion animals and the majority of our patients are dogs and cats, although rabbits, ferrets and other small furries are increasing in popularity. We also treat the occasional pet chicken, duck or giant millipede.

We take pleasure and pride from offering comprehensive and caring veterinary treatment. We have well equipped sites; invest in training our staff and aim to provide the best care available in the modern veterinary world. Our veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses have diverse interests, expertise and personalities but together make a strong and supportive team. We all have our own pets and understand the joys, responsibility and sadness that loving a pet can bring. We strive to treat both pets and their owners with care and compassion and will be with you through every step of your pet’s life.